Friday, October 7, 2016

Transitional Fall Outfit For the Win

So I put this outfit together and wrote this post like a month ago, aaaaand I'm just now posting it. #becausethatshowiroll. So when you read about 80 degree weather (it's more like high 60's now), the start of the school year, blah blah blah, and it's not making any sense, that's why. :) BUT, the outfit below really was the perfect summer-to-fall transitional outfit! #youcanthankmenextfall ;)

With the start of a new school year comes the official start of fall, at least in my mind. :) I'm ready for baggy sweaters and lots of layers, but it's still almost 80 degrees outside. What the what?!
I feel like no matter what season we are in I am just never wearing what I should be to either stay warm enough or cool enough. In March if I see one ray of sunshine I break out the sun dresses and flip flops, and I'll be freezing by 8:05 am. In early September (much like this past week) I see one gray cloud and I just know it will be a chilly, gloomy, perfect fall day. And by 9:30 I'm sweating out of my cardigan and layers. I think I'm just a little overzealous sometimes at the start of a new season. :)

I found this darling top at Goodwill this summer and I feel like it is the PERFECT transitional piece for fall. Short sleeves, but with that awesome plaid print and the dark blue. It makes me want to jump on the back of a wagon and enjoy me a hayride. :) (Check! We've done that since originally writing this post - LOL). 
So this is what I wore on Saturday, and let me tell you, the jeans were pushing it - it's just too hot to wear ANYTHING! But I'm loving this outfit. :) Maybe next week it'll have cooled down a tad and I can throw on my boots instead of the flip flops. Then the week after that put on a scarf instead of a necklace. Holy cow, transitional piece for the win.  Who am I?! Maybe I will survive this fall without looking like a total moron. #bootswhenits90degreesoutside #shortsonwhenitshailing #ineedtostartcheckingtheweatherreportonthedaily
 Shirt: Goodwill (Old Navy); Earrings: Nickel and Suede (HERE); Necklace: Nordstrom (HERE); Flip Flops: Target; Jeans: Old Navy (HERE); Watch: Impressive Trends via Jane (It was only $2.99! Yes I ordered like 5 colors...:) (Oh and HERE is the watch for $9.99)
Ahh, this cute outfit is killing me. Love it. Well, it's October now and fall is officially in full swing, cooler weather and all. I love me some fall and I definitely love fall fashion. YAY! :)

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