Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thanks For Choosing Me, Babe :)

We had a pretty awesome Stake Conference weekend. We got to hear from members of our stake congregation and our stake leaders, and today from our church-wide leaders. It was completely refreshing for me.
 On Saturday night, our Stake President said something that I absolutely loved! He spoke about all sorts of beneficial and uplifting topics, one of which was strengthening, and keeping strong, our marriages. President Pullan gave an amazing reminder:

"Think of how remarkable it is to have one person on this earth choose you."
I teared up. I used to be a perpetually teary-eyed person when finding myself in any kind of emotional setting, but lately my tears have been more few and far between. Something's really gotta touch me deeply to produce tears. I thought of how remarkable it really is that people all over the world are saying, "I choose you, babe, and I'm going to stick with you for forever. Promise." I LOVE that! It is just so right.

One of my friends, Carol, told me how that part of Pres. Pullan's talk struck her as well. She said how she often thinks about how she chose her husband, but forgets that he chose her as well. That's a pretty special feeling when you really think about it. :)
I can't even say how happy it makes me that my Jared chose me, over anyone else he knew, or anyone else he would ever meet, to be his forever. (I chose him a long time before he chose me...I'm glad he finally saw the light! ;)
That handsome guy up there chose me; I chose him. And we will forever choose each other. Pretty sweet. :) Love you, babe!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Halloween Costume Flashbacks

Ahh, fall is finally here! The four of us had such a fun Labor Day today filled with tons of fun family stuff. It was a great day. I always love it when Jared stays home from work! Those are the best days. :) We went to a parade with our friends, a carnival, another carnival, watched some Studio C, a Cosby episode, had tons of delicious food, and it was pretty much a perfect day. Tomorrow, out come the fall decorations! I'm so excited. And this has me especially pumped up for our Halloween costumes this year.

Jared and I have always loved dressing up for Halloween! It all started back when we were dating, and has continued every year. We already know what we're going to dress up as this year and I've got Little Man's costume already in the works...I'm so excited! :) How about a walk down costume memory lane?
Dating. I went as a hippie and Jared went as Steve Urkel. Pretty hot right? :) It was fun.
Newlyweds. This time Jared was the hippie, and I was a witch. These costumes came from my amazing friend Linda, who let us borrow them. Loved them!
 A Very Pregnant Halloween. :) We couldn't think of what to be until the last minute, but finally Jared decided to be a domino and I saw the cute idea to be bubblegum on the bottom of a shoe, from one of my favorite blogs Crystal B.. Her daughter Claire whipped up that costume is no time flat. I loved the idea!
Baby's First Halloween! We went with a family theme - so fun! Little Man was the football, Jared was the football player and I was the referee. I think this might be my favorite of all our Halloween costumes, so I had to add a bunch from that year. :)
 I  made a pretty ridiculous ref, but it was fun!
This next year we kept the family themed costumes rolling on! Little Man was Mickey Mouse, Jared was Goofy, and I was Minnie. (At the last minute I couldn't find ears for my costume! But I know I have a pic somewhere of me wearing the little man's mouse ears...)
I love how Jared's Goofy costume turned out!
 Cutest little Mickey Mouse I have EVER seen! :)
And last year, I could not think of an awesome family theme for us where Little Sister's costume would make her clearly look like the cute baby girl she was. I didn't want anyone wondering if she was a boy or a girl. So we each did our own thing costume wise. Baby was a strawberry, Little Man was Rex the Dinosaur, I was a witch once again and Jared was a super creepy dude. Seriously, no one at our ward's trunk-or-treat recognized him and I think some of them were keeping a close eye on the creepy dude at the party. :)
I am seriously so excited for Halloween this year!! I've got a lot of work to do to get our costumes together, but it's fun to do DIY costumes and dress up together as a family. Little Man decided on what our costumes would be months ago, and I've been thinking about it ever since. Can't wait! :)