Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thanks For Choosing Me, Babe :)

We had a pretty awesome Stake Conference weekend. We got to hear from members of our stake congregation and our stake leaders, and today from our church-wide leaders. It was completely refreshing for me.
 On Saturday night, our Stake President said something that I absolutely loved! He spoke about all sorts of beneficial and uplifting topics, one of which was strengthening, and keeping strong, our marriages. President Pullan gave an amazing reminder:

"Think of how remarkable it is to have one person on this earth choose you."
I teared up. I used to be a perpetually teary-eyed person when finding myself in any kind of emotional setting, but lately my tears have been more few and far between. Something's really gotta touch me deeply to produce tears. I thought of how remarkable it really is that people all over the world are saying, "I choose you, babe, and I'm going to stick with you for forever. Promise." I LOVE that! It is just so right.

One of my friends, Carol, told me how that part of Pres. Pullan's talk struck her as well. She said how she often thinks about how she chose her husband, but forgets that he chose her as well. That's a pretty special feeling when you really think about it. :)
I can't even say how happy it makes me that my Jared chose me, over anyone else he knew, or anyone else he would ever meet, to be his forever. (I chose him a long time before he chose me...I'm glad he finally saw the light! ;)
That handsome guy up there chose me; I chose him. And we will forever choose each other. Pretty sweet. :) Love you, babe!


  1. That really is remarkable. Hadn't thought of it before. I'm wondering though, what's a stake conference?

  2. Hi Em! I just discovered your blog for the first time yesterday! So it's kind of fun that you commented here. :) Your post about praying for the parents of who our children will marry was beautiful.

    Stake Conference is a meeting that our church has twice a year, where a few of our congregations get together in one big meeting and are taught by our regional (stake) leaders. It's pretty awesome! We hear from and see our Bishopric each Sunday, and then from our Stake Presidency at least twice a year but often more in between.