Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Mantel

This year's autumn season has been every bit as lovely as I knew it would be, and we still have so much of it left to enjoy! Part of the loveliness of this fall has been decorating my mantel for the season. And staring at it's adorableness. I love it. A lot. :) 
Okay..so it isn't really a mantel. It's a chalkboard ledge. But from here on out we're all just going to call it a mantel! :) 

This is the first year that I've had a mantel to decorate for fall, so as I brainstormed on what I'd want as the centerpiece, the picture below came to mind, and in my opinion is the perfect centerpiece. :)
Seriously, this has got to be my very favorite picture of my little man! This was his first time jumping in a pile of leaves, and as you can tell, it was pure joy for him! :) My heart is so happy when I see this picture.
 And last year, our sweet girl got her chance to romp in the leaves for the very first time. Precious baby. :) (My amazing sister-in-law Amy took this photo of our sweet girl). I found this beautiful "Fall" printable on pinterest, and it was created by Diana at Love Stitched. She is amazing - I can't get over how gorgeous this fall print is! Thank you to Diana, for sharing her beautiful work! Also, I love the darling little pumpkin sitting on top of the frame. 
 Last fall, my friend Cami and I got together and we both made a fall banner, or at least started one. Cami and her son are actually in the middle picture on the mantel, behind my little guy! We raked leaves on the lawn by her home that day and our boys had a lot of fun. :) Cami is so much fun to craft with! That's actually the reason we first hung out a few years ago, was to try a craft project together, and we have done a lot of crafts together since then! I was at her house one day when she suggested we make these banners. She already had most of the supplies, so we went for it! We cut out the burlap triangles and sewed the smaller ones onto the bigger ones, and then stamped the letters on with some stencils and ink she had. Finally, last month, I attached the triangels to this pretty ribbon. I LOVE it!
 This fall subway art comes from the wonderfully creative Ann over at Sutton Place. All of her fall artwork is beautiful. Thank you, thank you Ann! :)

I'm super happy with how it all came together. I'm really loving all of these white frames! :) All of them came from Wal-Mart, excluding the middle frame, which is from Hobby Lobby. And I adore the cute little orange felt ball. So many darling little accents on this mantel - it just makes me smile.
I love looking up and seeing the faces of my sweet babies on our mantel. :) I can hardly wait for them (and me!!) to jump in the leaves this year! Happy Fall my friends!


  1. I think it ate my last comment! lol Love your cute mantel! Especially the lace and burlap banner! :)