Sunday, November 16, 2014

These Are My People

I just thought I should officially introduce you to the three people who I like the most. :)
My man. My rock. My love. He's both Texan and  Utahn, and has a special love for his hometown in East Texas. He loves sports. Playing them, watching them, everything. Especially BYU Football! He loves Skittles, Mountain Dew and NCAA Football. He works hard every day, and he loves his kids more than I've ever seen any other dad do. And he loves me. :) Most importantly he loves the Lord and he lives his life to follow Him. I love this Jared of mine. :)
My little man. This little dude makes me laugh every day. I love laughing with him and seeing his sweet smile light up the room! Being silly with him is the best. He loves the 50 states, Temples, busting a move, riding his bike, and playing football with Daddy. My first baby, who corrects me whenever I refer to him as such. :) I honestly cannot believe how fast he is growing. I love this little guy so much!
My little girl. She is the sweetest girl in the world, and also the sassiest. She can hold her own in any tussle with her big brother! She loves dinosaurs, babies, "Bear bears" (Carebears), babies, cheese, milk, babies and babies. I have to say, she is the cutest little thing around! Just look at that little face! She is my little love bug! I'm so glad this girl is in our family! I sure love her.
Those faces greet me every morning (however early it may sometimes be!) and I'm forever grateful for that daily blessing. I love this little family that God has given me. :) As I've said before, I'm not exactly sure what fills each and every one of our days, but the important things are there: playing and having fun together, reading our scriptures, prayer, and once again FUN! I love these three favorites of mine. :)

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