Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fashion Love :)

I kind of LOVE fashion, like, a lot. Most days I'm in pajamas, workout pants (even though I haven't worked out), or let's be honest, underwear. But nonetheless, fashion brings me joy. Clothes, putting outfits together, pinning adorable outfits that give me inspiration, and hello the actual SHOPPING - I love it all. :) I mean, I could gaze at my fashion pinterest board all day. Oh wait, I already do that...:). I'm excited to post some of my fav outfits on the blog from time to time. I hope someone can find some fun outfit inspiration from these posts like I do from so many bloggers. :)
One of the things I love most about fashion is creating a totally different look by just switching out a few things, or even just one thing, and in this case, accessories. For the outfit below, I switched out the necklaces and earrings, and oh what a difference!
 Dress: Old Navy; Earrings: Nickel and Suede (HERE); Necklace: Target (in store...I just got it this week!); Boots: Aldo; Shirt: Can't remember...either Jane or Groopdealz :) (Just keepin' it real as always:).

 So here I changed out the necklace...a big difference right?! Both super pretty looks, but very different. I LOVE this necklace! (Nordstrom - HERE)
 Alright, now we have these gorg maroon earrings instead of the gold. LOVE! Once again the earrings are Nickel and Suede (HERE). Can I just say how OBSESSED I am with Nickel and Suede?! Obsessed.
 And now we're back to the pretty purple and pink necklace, but this time with the maroon earrings. Which look is your favorite?! I adore them all, obviously, or I wouldn't have posted them. ;) But for real, which do you like best?

Okay so, in an effort to keep it real once again, I have to say how much I LOVE flat lay photography, and why. #1 why for me right now is that I don't have to actually put the outfit on, do my hair, makeup, clean the gunk off my mirror and all the other clutter that might be in the pic, and the BEST part is, the clothes don't even have to FIT me for them to look adorable in the flat lay pic. Yes, right now that gingham shirt is a little too tight, so I probs won't be wearing it in real life for quite some time, and the dress is a tad short so it's not something I wear a lot. But that's okay. It is still so fun to post outfits...at least I can post them if I can't wear them right? Just keepin' it real, as always. :)

Oh and Y'ALL. Did anyone notice the rug?! I die. I am so in love with it. I got it at Goodwill, but it was brand new from Target! And right now it's on sale! (HERE) Love, love, love it. 

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