Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mama's Got Skills - Newborn Photos

Y'all, I have bragged on my mom before. She is the woman who can do anything. I've always known that. But WOW, I did not know that she had such epic photog. skills!
I am absolutely in LOVE with these photos that she took of our little sweet boy! He was around 10 days old in these pics. I'd bought this basket at TJ's months before he was born with his newborn photo shoot in mind. I scouted and scouted for a photographer whose style and price were both on point with ours, and I couldn't find both.

So, I was going to splurge on his photos and go with a couple in our ward whose work is AMAZING! Like stunningly beautiful. (Check out Wride Photography here). Then one day just for fun I wrapped my little newborn in this cute little swaddle and put him in the basket, snapped a few pics aaaaand...they were awful. But, I ran downstairs anyway and told my mom she needed to see how cute he was in the basket on my bed! She about died when she saw him and grabbed her basic point and shoot camera and whipped out these absolutely beautiful pics of my sweet baby boy. With a little brightening up on the computer, they were perfect!
Ah, just look at that sweet face!!! I LOVE how this picture turned out!
Same picture just zoomed out a bit and black and white...I'm a sucker for a good black and white photo!
My cute mom and our sweet boy mid photo shoot. My babes sure lucked out in the grandma department. :)

This is the pic we used for his birth announcement. It turned out darling!
Mom, THANK YOU! You are the best. I will treasure these photos forever!!!

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