Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Welcome to the World, Little One

Our newest little man made his big debut 6 months ago already! And he is the absolute sweetest baby in the whole world. My heart is just completely stolen.
Say hello to our new sweet boy. :)
This picture is from when he was a little over a week old. Preciousness!

Now he's a sitting up, one toothed, smiley, crawling machine. Here he is on his special blessing day at church! Daddy gave him the most beautiful blessing. :) 
Stinking adorable, right?! I call him my joy boy, because he just brings so much happiness to our home and to me as his mom. 
I just love this little (BIG) guy!
It's amazing to me how full one person's heart can be. My heart already seemed pretty full with the love I have for our two oldest kids, and now this  guy joins our family and fills it up even more. :) It's astounding, the amount our hearts can love. And sometimes it just hits, you know? You'll have a moment where you feel like your heart might burst from the amount of love it's holding. Those moments are the best.

Like right now, I'm looking at my three little kids playing and eating their lunches. My funny girl is chanting 'Blowout, blowout, blowout' because I just got done cleaning up the little man's massive blowout and yes, we have a song we sing whenever he has a blowout. :) Baby bro is sitting up like a big boy munching on some play food. And my oldest boy is lounging on the couch with his lunch, humming a happy tune. Life is good. And my heart is full just watching them. :)

We may be potty training and sleep training (with pretty much no success) and teething and manners learning. Sister may have bitten her older brother hard enough to produce tears earlier and I definitely haven't showered in a few days. But life is still pretty perfect. I love these kiddos so much. 

I put the iPad down after writing all that and my sweet three year old came up and said 'I need some mama.' :) She's never put it quite that sweet way before - my mommy heart beamed! She climbed up into my arms and then my five year old said he needed some mama too and hopped on. :) Then of course little bro was crawling/crying (cryling, if you will, a verb this little guy has worked hard to perfect:) and made his way right to the feet of my rocking chair, so I pulled him up and we all rocked in my rocker for a few minutes. I was feeling the love for sure. :)

I can't imagine my life without these three kiddos. One by one they've joined our family and shook things up in the process, and completed our family a little more with their sweet little spirits. Here are all three of my babies the day our youngest was born. Oh my heart! 
Just look at them. How did I get so lucky? Well actually, I do know that luck had nothing to do with it. I thank my Father in Heaven daily for these sweet babes. :) Welcome to the world our newest sweet boy - we're all pretty stoked that you're here to join in all the craziness and we're so excited to continue to watch you grow. It's such a privilege to be your mama and to get to teach you about God and to love you. These past 6 months have been a party and we're ready for more! :)

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