Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July Mantel

Happy Independence Day! I have really gotten into the spirit of this holiday this year. I'm so grateful to have been born in and to live in this magnificent country. How truly thankful I am! My son has really gotten into learning the 50 states lately, so it's been fun to teach him about our amazing country for this special holiday! I've honestly never decorated for the 4th of July before, but I was just totally feeling it this year! (Check out my 4th of July pinterest board...I'm just loving all of it!)
So say hello to my 4th of July Mantel. I love, love, love it!
 Once again I found about a million amazing printables from some super talented ladies, and I was SO excited to use some of them for this mantel! I'll walk you through each one and give these ladies the proper credit!

The gorgeous blue Shining Sea printable is from Bettijo over at Paging Supermom! A big thanks to her - I adore this part of the mantel! :)
I so love this God Bless America print from Melanie over at The Crafty Cupboard. Her 4th of July mantel is beyond adorable! I absolutely love everything about it! Thanks to Melanie for sharing this beautiful print! :)
The absolutely darling centerpiece of the mantel, the Map Silhouette, along with the equally adorable Statue of Liberty Silhouette, are both from Kensie Kate. This is the first time I came across Kensie's blog, and I went on a pinning spree! She designs the cutest quotes and I added quite a few pins to my Inspiration board on pinterest. I'm so glad I found Kensie's blog, and a big thank you to her for sharing her amazing work! Her Map Silhouette is just so perfect as the centerpiece and I can't help but smile when I see it. :)
 And now to talk about my darling little pom pom garland. Isn't it so sweet?! I tell you, I can't get past this craze of mine for pom pom trim! (And I don't really want to get past it!:) It is SO fun to design with! There are so many options for colors and sizes that it really can be hard to commit to which ones I finally decide to use together (like for my spring mantel garland). I'm so happy with how this one turned out though!
 I got the large white pom pom trim at the Hob Lob. I feel like this trim would be perfect for a winter mantel - you know, snow and all that wintery stuff. Some of the super adorable winter mantels out there, like this one from Landeelu, almost make me want to decorate a winter mantel in between Christmas and Valentine's Day next year. But the fact that I loathe and detest the cold weather and snow just doesn't add up with decorating a mantel dedicated to snow and cold weather. So someone pelase go buy this chunky white trim at Hobby Lobby and do something amazing with it this winter! :)
 The teeny tiny red pom pom trip is from JoAnn's. It's just too sweet! I think I have an especial weakness for the tiny pom pom trim. :) And the dark navy blue I found at Wal-Mart. Thank you Wal-Mart! (It sounds weird to say that). Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's had no sign of navy blue pom pom trim. I was pretty disappointed. And then I found this perfect trim at Wal-Mart! Yay! :)
 I made a few more felt rosette balls to go with our 4th of July d├ęcor this year. Love this little white one and the navy blue! (I used the same method that Amy at Idea Room uses for both her heart wreath and rosette balls. Tutorial here! :)
 The kids were loving some Wonder Pets time while I was snapping pictures of the mantel. Gotta love that Ming Ming! "This. Is. Sewious". :)
 I found this sweet little wooden USA, along with the wooden American flag on the right side of the mantel, at the beloved Dollar Spot at Target. YAY! 
There you have it. A happy little 4th of July mantel for a happy little 4th of July. :)
We started our festivities last night at my in-law's neighborhood party - fireworks, BBQ, and music! The kids had such a blast! Tonight was a BBQ with friends, and ANOTHER BBQ tomorrow night! You can never have too many barbecues in one weekend. I just love this holiday!
Happy Independence Day 2015!!!

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