Saturday, August 5, 2017

Target Stroll for the Soul

I'd like to copyright that phrase right now! ;) But for real, sometimes all you need is a little stroll through Target to envigorate your spirits. Last night on my stroll I decided to document some of my favorite finds. Let's do this!

Oh Knox Rose, how you speak to speak to my soul, every. Single. Time. If you are into bohemian, billowy, peasant top style, then Target's Knox Rose like is for you! I just can't. It's all so cute.

This is the first top that caught my eye. Love! Link here. I'm actually a little bit shocked that I didn't throw it in the cart. So cute!
 I would love this dress with a jean jacket or  an open chambray button up.
I am a SUCKER for anything embroidered. 
 Check out the details on this dress!!
 So so pretty.
Alright, onto the baby/toddler section. Definitely my favorite section of the store!

I mean, are you freaking kidding me?! That fur vest?! #dying. I searched and it doesn't look like it's up yet! Lame. Get it up there Target! :)
This little outfit! 😍😍😍 
 So I'm not usually an overall person for my babies but that striped yellow shirt and the little bulldozer on it?! I die!
 Adorableness! Here.
The dress that comes with the romper!
 This white eyelet dress is so sweet! Here.
Okay, gingham and a Peter pan collar TOGETHER?! Ummm... SO MUCH YES! Link here.
Anyone who knows me well knows that mustard yellow is the color of my heart. Love these!! Find the cute tank top here.
I love this pretty top so much! Here.
 Such a fun pop of pretty plumb purple!
 Such a fun skirt! Find it here.
 I just had to take a pic of this whole display because holy cuteness.
Well, on last night's Target stroll I didn't make it to any of the home decor aisles, which is an abomination, but I'll be honest, it's because I was hungry and Taco Bell was calling my name. #hadtogettherebeforeitclosed #cheesygorditacrunch

Target stroll for the soul...I like that. I think I'll document it next time too! 

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