Saturday, March 7, 2015

Baby Boy! :)

I feel like I've been living under a rock these past few months! A rock that induces extreme morning sickness, fatigue, encourages no motivation, and all that jazz. It's been rough. But I'm SO excited to finally be back in the land of the living, and even more excited to announce the upcoming arrival of our baby BOY!!! Jared and I are super excited for this precious boy. He'll be arriving sometime around July 25th! If he follows suit with his siblings, hopefully he'll surprise us by coming 3 to 7 days before the big due date! We'll see. :)
We had our big ultrasound on Wednesday and there was no doubt in our minds that we would definitely find out if baby was a boy or a girl. I just love to know. Sure, some people love finding out because they can plan and all that stuff...but I'm not really that organized anyway. I JUST LOVE KNOWING EITHER WAY! :) Can you tell how I excited I was to find out??
Our daughter has no clue that there is even a baby in my tummy, but big brother gets it and is SO happy that he's getting a brother! I'm pretty happy for him, and I'm glad that our sweet girl will be in the middle of two awesome brothers. :)
After the ultrasound we headed over to T.J. Maxx to pick out an outfit for our sweet little baby boy. Here I am, yesterday, with his cute, tiny little outfit!! This is my favorite outfit for baby boys - the collared romper! 

The T.J. Maxx outing has become a tradition, actually! With our first baby, after our ultrasound appointment, we decided to go right away and pick out an outfit for him! I had been just dying for weeks holding myself back from picking out clothes for both genders. So as soon as we knew he was a boy, shopping we went! Here we are at home later with the outfit we chose for our first sweet baby. :) July 2010. (Notice the collared romper again! Love those!!)
And here's a pic of me at T.J. Maxx right after our appointment to find out we were having a girl!! I couldn't just choose one outfit. Aren't those elephants just darling? August 2012.

It will be so fun to open the many diaper boxes that are filled with baby boy clothes from 4 years ago! (Aren't diaper boxes the best for storing stuff in??) My heart is just filled with love for this tiny little  boy so much already. I'm so happy that I get to be a mom again and to a sweet son! I feel so blessed.
While I tended to, more often than not, be very, very "woe is me" over the past few months with how sick I felt, I can't help but acknowledge all of the angels that helped our family! With little things (that were actually big things for us!) like running to the store for groceries for us, making us dinner, coming over when I really didn't feel well, setting up playdates with our kiddos, praying for us. We've been so blessed, and I thank my Heavenly Father for that!! And especially for this little boy who is joining our family! :)

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