Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Tangled Halloween

Now that the Christmas Season is in full swing...time for a Halloween post! :)

About a year ago, after Halloween, my little man told me what he thought our family should be for Halloween the following year. This is what he said, "I can be Pascal. Daddy can be Flynn Rider, and you can be Rapunzel." When I asked him what his little sister should be, he answered "Mother Gothel". I about died laughing when he said that, and I knew that our family could definitely dress up as all of those characters and have a hilarious time doing it. So the plan was set.

And, well, our much anticipated Tangled Halloween has already come and gone, but we had a lot of fun! I loved putting the costumes together. It was fun working on those off and on leading up to Halloween and then seeing the finished product on Halloween.

Let me show you the crew. :)
Here we have my little Pascal. He is way too adorable in his costume! The little man  had a LOT of fun dressing up as Pascal! I can't get over how cute he is in this costume, and all the time. :) I followed two different tutorials to make his costume. Erin Bettis at Patricia's Daughter had the most AMAZING idea to use a pair of hooded footed pajamas for the body of the costume. Genius! I used her tutorial to cut out the fabric for the tail as well. Her post is here. I also followed Ashley's tutorial at Make It and Love It, and followed what she did for the little horn on top of Pascal's head, sewing on the tail, and the eyes! Her post is here. Aren't both Ashley's and Erin's costumes they created SO adorable? And I'm pretty happy with ours too! :)
Next we have Flynn Rider, displaying "the smolder" in all of its glory. :)
I always really enjoy putting Jared's costumes together. He already had this blue shirt and he honestly didn't wear it much, so I cut off the sleeves and hot glued them under a bit on the edges. I found the satchel at DI - I heart that place. I saw a tutorial on pinterest for making pirate boot toppers found here. The guy who made them, Wes, did a great job! The toppers I made (vinyl fabric) were definitely not perfect, but they look awesome in the pictures! He just wore them over his brown church shoes. The buckle buttons on the shirt (which I realize are not on Flynn Rider's costume but add a nice touch to the shirt) are just cardboard pieces that I cut out of one of our still lingering U-Haul boxes, spray painted gold. Jared grew out a bit of facial hair for Halloween and rocked the frying pan. He is one dang handsome Flynn Rider if you ask me! :)
Then we have Rapunzel with her dashing Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn. :)
And the little lady who stole the show...the one and only Mother Gothel. Seriously, are you not dying laughing right now?!
She did so well keeping her wig on - I was surprised! 
The cuteness is almost overwhelming. I'm pretty sure this is the only "cute" Mother Gothel you'll ever see! I got this little lady's dress at DI, and put it over a red long-sleeved shirt. The cape she's wearing is her brother's Batman cape (a hand-me-down from a cousin! yay!) worn backwards. You can actually see a bit of the Batman insignia peeking out. I just can't get over how cute our little Mother Gothel is! :)
And a shot of the whole Tangled family. :)
 I love how menacing Mother Gothel looks, and Pascal showing off his chameleon tongue haha.
 We had a blast going trick-or-treating and eating dinner with Jared's family. It was an awesome Halloween! Now, what will we dress up as next year...? :)

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