Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baby Girl Lilac Nursery

Before we ever had children, I loved the idea of a lavender colored nursery for our someday little girl. When we were expecting our first baby, I saw the most adorable lavender and white twin sheets at Wal-Mart. I loved them so much that I went ahead and got them, even though we had no idea yet if we were having a boy or a girl, AND even if the baby was a girl, those twin sheets wouldn't get any use for at least two years. So yeah, I was pretty serious about this lavender theme. At 20 weeks we found out our baby was a boy, and we were ecstatic! My nursery color dreams morphed into a bright orange, and the lavender dream was gladly put on hold. And then a few years passed and we had a little girl. It was time to make my lavender nursery dreams come true!

But here's the thing. I recently discovered that the actual flower lavender.....smells absolutely awful. I had no idea! Like, it makes me physically sick to even think about how it smells. So even though the lavender decorations in my daughter's room obviously did not come with a horrifyingly lavendery scent, I have changed the theme of her nursery to lilac. Lilacs have a beautiful scent and it brings me back to my childhood backyard days whenever I smell it. And lavender and lilac are pretty much the same color, right? :)

Thus we have, the lilac (but not exclusively) nursery! I love it. Love it, love it, love it. I'd love to make a ruffled crib skirt (with someone skilled like my mom to show me how!), and I am searching for the perfect large framed picture of the Savior to go on the wall to the right of the window, but besides that, I'm very happy with it! It seems pretty complete to me. :) As you can easily tell I wasn't strict on lilac being the only color in the room. I love all of the pops of color, especially the turqouise! But lilac is the base color that you'll find all around the room.

There were lots of little projects and amazing finds that went into this cute little room, but this curvy frame and pic of our sweet girl just MAKE the room for me! So darling. :) And that adorable hot pink, chevron blanket was made by Jared's sister, Lisa. She's so talented!
I saw this unfinished wood frame at Michael's and knew I had to do something adorable with it! Whether I was going to use it in my baby's room or somewhere else in the house, it took me a little while to decide. But I eventually decided to paint it this lilac color and put a picture of our sweet girl in it. I love it!!
 I am so in love with these cute little frames. The pink oval was found at Michael's, and the turquoise one at Target. I'm still deciding/trying to find the perfect pictures to go in them! The cute bright blue frame I got on and the talented vendor was Simply Lulu Creations. And as for those cute matching purple frames - I am so proud of them! I found them at Hobby Lobby for 90% off, $1 each! Major score, considering curvy frames are NOT cheap! They started off really ugly, and I could totally see why they were 90% off. But a little bit of spray paint turned them around nicely! These little beauts are right above the comfy rocking chair in her room.

 I found all of these darling little buckets at Target and immediately snagged them. And then when I got them home I had no clue what to put in them or where to put them. I decided to use them for headbands and socks, and once I got this shelf they fit perfectly in it! I ADORE this white shelf! I originally bought it with plans to put it in our entryway, but then decided it would work so well in little sister's room. I found it at Kid-to-Kid for something like $7 dollars. Another major find! 

This changing table was given to me (FREE) when we were expecting our son. The natural wood color that it was worked perfectly in his room! Once little sister came, I set my sights on painting it. But what color, I didn't know! That always seems to be the question for me. So many fun colors, so few pieces of furniture! :) I toyed around with robin's egg blue or turquoise, and finally decided to just see how the lilac looked. It looks way more amazing than I had ever imagined it might look! I thought it would be too much purple, but I think it's awesome. I also got  brave and made the changing pad cover using this super awesome tutorial at Smile Like You Mean It. I got the gorgeous fabric, "Lilac Twirly", for it off of If you haven't checked out that website and you're planning your baby's nursery, you NEED to check it out! You can use their "Nursery Designer" and try out all different kinds of fabrics and colors to see how they would actually look in your nursery. So fun. 
This picture was taken at night, so it looks a lot different in here. It's a semi-good view of the pretty banner I made for the window. I LOVE it, to say the least! Here is the pinterest board that inspired this cute banner.
Even though this room is constantly a mess with diapers and diapers boxes and toys and all sorts of stuff, it is still the cutest room in the house. I love rocking my baby girl in this sweet room. A darling room for a darling girl. :)

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